Thermoelectric Coolers

Reliability Testing Standards

All products must be followed below testing standards:
Telcordia GR-468
Marlow temperature cycling shock test standard

Reliability Testing Items

Temperature Cycling
Thermal Shock Testing
High Temperature Storage
Mechanical Shock Testing
Variable Frequency Vibration Testing

Power On/Off Test

Test Standard: MIL-STD-883E, method 1006, intermittent Life, condition A
Purpose: The purpose of this testing is to determine the resistance of the electrical stresses generated by sudden cycling between "on" and "off" conditions.
Heat and control the temperature of the hot side at 70't;
TEC work for 5min(l=lmax), and power off, this is a cycle.
Repeated 5000 cycles.
Evaluation criteria: the variation of the resistance less than five percent.