Autonomous Systems

Packing more functionality into smaller footprints has increased the heat flux density and thermal challenges in vehicle heads-up displays (HUDs). Keeping the HUD temperature below the maximum operating temperature presents a need for active cooling.

Digital Light Processors

Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology is being applied in automotive applications such as Head-up-Displays and in Smart Headlights to provide brighter, more focused light in front of the vehicle. DLP systems operate in high-heat environments and require an active thermal solution to protect the sensitive electronics and ensure long-life

X-Ray Inspection Systems

Used to scan vehicles to ensure safety and security, X-ray inspection systems generate several kilowatts of heat during operation and require cooling of the X-ray tube anode for optimized performance and longer operation life. Liquid cooling systems offer higher efficiencies than air‐based heat transfer mechanisms, which translates into higher reliability, greater system uptime and lower total cost of ownership.