Optical Transceivers

The new high speed 5G telecommunication standard present thermal challenges for critical components such as optical transceivers. Optical transceivers contain a laser diode that need to be kept below 70°C to ensure no loss of data transmission. Lyter designs thermoelectric cooler assembles to maintain high speeds of next generation 5G networks.

Enclosure Cooling

Today, many electronic cabinets are cooled needlessly with expensive, bulky compressor-based air conditioners. Thermoelectric cooler assemblies offer a smaller, more efficient option to cool or heat vital electronics used in outdoor kiosks and enclosures including telecom, battery backup, industrial and other cabinets.

Base Station Battery Cooling

When the power to a cellular antenna tower goes out, emergency batteries provide power for up to six hours. However, battery life is significantly reduced by exposure to temperatures outside the optimal range. Thermoelectric cooler assemblies protect back-up battery systems by providing greater cooling power and increased reliability.