Industrial Laser

Whether used for cutting, welding, micro-machining or drilling, industrial lasers generate a significant amount of heat that needs to be quickly and efficiently dissipated. Lyter's thermoelectric coolers offer high heat pumping capacity and precise temperature control for industrial lasers.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, better known as 3D printing allows for rapid prototyping and manufacturing of high-quality final products. 3D printing machines utilize lasers, generating a large amount of heat. To produce high-quality parts and ensure a long operating life, electronic components of 3D printing machines require a thermal solution providing precise temperature control.

Laser Projectors

High power laser projectors are commonly used for entertainment applications such as cinema and light shows. To produce high-resolution images, laser projectors require up to 6 Kilowatts during operation. As the laser itself generates heat between 100W and 300W, an active cooling solution is required to control the temperature of sensitive laser optical components and maintain peak performance.

Machine Vision

Inspection systems, object detection and facial recognition utilize revolutionary machine vision technology to capture and analyze high-resolution images. To keep the imaging sensor below its maximum operating temperature and ensure highest image quality, active thermoelectric cooling is required. 

CMOS Sensors

Enhanced CMOS Sensor technology enables the capturing of high-resolution images at fast readout speeds in consumer, industrial and machine-vision applications. Because high temperatures negatively affect image quality, thermoelectric coolers are used for spot cooling of imaging sensors.